Sunday, March 18, 2012


Sometimes...simple things can make your day turn upside down.

That's why I'll always love cinema as much as I do!
A simple movie can make me smlile on the cloudyest day.

Like yesterday, for example!
After a day full of nothingness, I watched Radio Rebel at night on my computer.
Instantaneous smile!

Probably becouse the movie is all about standing up for yourself, having a voice, expressing who you are... and all of those things I wish I could do but each day they seem to get more impossible .

Plus I'm a huge fan of Debby Ryan. She's such an amazing person and she's a very hard working girl. Like one day I aim to be!
She is one of those people that inspire me every single day.

Becouse of that movie, today my day didn't felt so... empty!

I wish I could get every shy girl (but that inside has something more) the opportunity to watch the movie and, even better, to feel has amazing as the main  does in the end, when it all ends well (like in every "feel good about yourself" movie).

If there only was a happy ending to all of us...

Toda's motto: "Movies are doors that take you to beautiful worlds. Open them and feel their magic."

Today's song: We got the beat by Debby Ryan (

Today's pic:

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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