Saturday, March 31, 2012

Artists And Award Shows.

Sometimes... it takes a room full of stars to make you smile.

Just watched the KCA's (Kids Choise Awards).

It was such a fun show! Full of stars, cheers, fashion, glamour, fun and... SLIME :-D (haha)

I loved every second of it!
My favourite parts were: One Direction's preformance, Victourious' win, Selena's win, Justin Bieber getting slimed, everything about Will Smith (haha), Zac Efron and Keke Palmer presenting an award, Katy Perry... and much more! To resume, I love it ALL!

I love these awards shows! I think it's beautiful the way they recognize the talent of all the amazing artists and I love the performances they do on them (they always put their heart and soul into those performances).

It's funny how sometimes we can go completly crazy just becouse our favourite actress won a award or our favourite group just performed at an award show! But I think this is all very natural becouse it's our way to show that we love our idols so much!

I give much importance to these shows becouse they show us that there are so many talented people that make us laugh, smile and even cry everyday and we should all be thankful for them giving us the opurtunitty of feeling those various emotions through their talent (whether they're actors, singer, dancers... it doesn't matter).

All that matters is that we show these people we admire how much they inspire us and how much we really love them.

Today's motto: "A simple song, movie or dance routine can make you smile. So don't forget to thank for the talent those people have to share with you."

Today's song: Dancing In the Moon Light by Alyson Stoner (

Today's pic:

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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