Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes... you have to force yourself to get distracted.

This first days have been filled up with nothingness.

There are not many things to do here at my dad's house.
I already did the biggest part of my "vacational homeworks" (those that don't last more then 10 minutes to be done) so there's not much to do anymore.

I'm just very glad I got two new "obsessions". Ok, three, but one is inside the'll see!
The first is The Secret Circle (this amazing series about magic and witches and stuff like that - which I love).
The second is Wellington (this rocking new band that's now touring in the Digitour - tour for youtube singers and bands).
And last, but definitely not least, Ricky Ficarelli (Wellington's amazing and super cute drummer - which I have a HUGE celeb crush on!).

Obsessing or crushing over this thigs/people has helped me not doing the same over... someone else.

But I can't still spend a entire hour without him crossing my mind every once in a while.
Although I am getting better at not thinking so much about him, since I stop having to see him everyday!
But I still can't help to check his twitter everyday, just to know if he's fine.
That's all I want. All I need. For him to be ok.

Other things that have been keeping me distracted are books. I love to read and in the last few days I've been doing it like crazy!
I've already read an entire book and almost finished othet! Besidesm I brought two more and I intend to read both before my Easter break is over!

With my three latest "obsessions" and all the books, I've been abe to make this vacations seem a litlle... amusing.

But the annoying nothingness still hasn't decided to leave my soul...

Today's motto: "Being distracted does exactly that: distract. But it doesn't heal or change anything..."

Today's song: Dynamite by Taio Criz - Ricky Ficarelli's Drum Cover (

Today's pic: Today I wanna have 3 pics here (one for each of my "obsessions" :-D)

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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