Monday, April 16, 2012

A Smile of Life.

Sometimes... life starts shyly smiling to you!

Life is getting better!

He talked to me :-D I actually really wanted to write some things that have been happening with him lately (last Thursday) but I'm afraid someone I know can see it and understand! But, for a little summary, let's just say I was VERY close to him ;-)

Anyway, that's not the main reason why I feel like life is starting to smile at me (which makes me very impressed with myself)!
I'm loving doing covers on youtube! It's great to get home and being able to record and post my video on youtube and get all the amazing feedback!

Untill now, the people have been very receptive to my videos and super sweet on their comments!
It's been a great experience and I'm very happy about it!

Plus, me and my friend Cris are going to start working on something... but I'm not going to give anything away about it yet ;-) Keeping the mystery!!

To sum it all up, these days have been pretty good! I'm hoping that this amout of good luck it's here to stay!!

Today's motto: "After every storm, a bright sun appears"

Today's song: My cover of Smile by Nat King Cole

Today's pic:

Hearts Hugs and Kisses,

Ella <3

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