Saturday, April 7, 2012

First cover.

Sometimes... you got to do things in the moment or you'll never be brave enough to do it again.

As you probably already understood if you read my last post, I've been very exited about starting to cover songs on youtube.

But I was also very unsafe becouse I feel like I just might make a fool of myself!

I had lots of secong thoughts but I had to do it today, becouse I know I probably would not be brave to o it any other day (like that time when I decided I was going to finally pierce the ears, then didn't to it right away and... my ears are still unpierced!!).

So... I decided that I had to do it! So... I just uploaded my first cover ever!!

It's Tell Me That You Love Me, from Victorious (singed by Victoria Justice and  Leon Thomas III).

I wanted to ask you to wach it and tell me what you think, becouse it would mean the world to me!

And also, I wanted to thank all my friends and family members for supporting me and helping me walk this step forward!

Today's motto: "Do it now, couse you might not have the guts to do it tomorow"

Today's song: My cover of Tell Me That You Love Me

Today's pic:

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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