Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep Fighting

Sometimes... You have too keep up the fight even if you keep losing it.

The are many times when things don't go our way.
When we want something that, no matter how hard we try to achieve, we just can't seem to get.
When you try so hard to reach our goal, and it just seems to run away.
When we can almost see it, almost touch it... and then something happens that puts us right back where we started once again.

Things can take unexpected turns, brings us down and crash our hopes.

But we can't let them.

It's ok to be frustrated.
It's ok to be mad.
It's ok to be sad.

But it's not ok to give up!

Even if it all seems against you, even if you feel like all you have is bad luck, even if it looks like life hates you and it's trying to sabotage every single thing you do... You HAVE to keep fighting.

You have to get up again and again and again and again, forever, no matter how many times you fall.

You have to find new ways to do things, new places to go to, new people to talk to, new phrases to say. You have to keep finding new things that can take you to where you wanna go, to what you want to get.

No matter what, you HAVE to keep going.

You HAVE to fight for your DREAMS.

Because if you don't... they die

And so does you soul.

Today's motto: "You have to keep up the fight, even if you keep losing all the battles. Because if you give up the fight, you also give up any of the chances to win"

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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