Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where are the gentlemen nowadays?

Sometimes... you witnessing things that make you angry!

Today I witnessed something that really made me want to start a riot!

I went to my school (even though I'm still on vacations) because I had to pick up some random and boring paper, that I don't even know what's for!
After that, I went to pick up the bus.

While I was waiting, I noticed two men that were on other bus (the driver and some other that I have no idea of what was doing there).

After a while, I listened to the train warning (because my bus station is next to a train station) and, 2 minutes latter, this woman passed by, running on her heels (which were wedges - and really cute actually! - but pretty high), apparently trying to catch the train that was arriving at the station that moment.

She she left my sight for two seconds and, right after, I heard a a strange noise and an attempt of a scream, muffled by the previous sound.
I looked and there was exactly what I expected to see: the lady, on the ground, trying to get all the things that fell from her purse and with one foot shoeless.

I, as a polite person, immediately got up and ran up to her to see if she was ok and needed help.
The lady seemed so scared, misguided and sad, as no human face should look like. Mostly not one who belongs to such a nice, fragile and polite lady. It broke my heart.

I helped her up and got her shoe. She was a little mad that she lost the train but she was physically fine and (I think) happy and touched that someone actually cared and helped her (which I'm pretty proud of myself for, I have to admit).

She thanked me and went away, living me with a smile and the sensation of job done!

That was, until I got back to where I was before and looked inside the bus where the men were. They were just laughing at the all situation and did not even have the wisdom of trying to hide how amused they were. And I'm not even going to go into the fact that they (as two adult men) didn't even try to help the woman!

All of this made me think!
So I have a warning.
Girls and ladys out there: remember! There are no gentlemen in this world anymore!

And guys (not even going to try to talk for the men because it's not worth it!): Please try to become the gentlemen of tomorrow! Forget about that stupid idea that a "masculine man" is a soulless animal! Girls like it when you hold the door for them or help them if they fall or need something. Not when you slam the door in their face or laugh at them when they're in trouble! And I would know!! I mean, I'm a girl!!
Please, try not the be like these men I just talked about ,that didn't even have the sweetness of trying to help a lady.
Because, if you became like them, you'll be nothing but a person who makes fun of everything and everyone just to try to fill this empty space in your chest (where your heart and soul should be), with no success!!

Today's motto: "Treat the others like you wish to be treated"

Today's song: Hello Cold World - Paramore

Today's pic:

Oh! And, before I go, I just wanted to day I'm sorry for not writing for a while. These months have been crazy and rough. Thanks for understanding :)

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

Ella <3

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