Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't EVER trust a guy

Sometimes... there are people that can't stop surprising us. And not in a good way.

Remember the guy I talked t you about, not on my last post, but on the one before?

Yes, that one.

Well we haven't talked for almost 3 moths!
And guess what my BFF Cris told me today? He has  new girlfriend!! How great!! How sweet!! How nice!! Right??

Liked my sarcasm?

If I cried? Oh yes! That devil's sun was still able to make the tears come. But you know what? I don't care. I don't care if he has a new girlfriend that he's going to leave in 2 days or that he's going to marry in 20 years!
It does not affect me.

But wanna know what does? The fact that I thought (stupid me!) That he was actually my friend! That he actually cared for me!
Well, apparently, I was wrong (as always! when do I learn??).

He was not even able to tell me! After everything he did to me, he did not even have the guts to tell me something! I had to hear it from a friend!

What a lack of courage.
He wasn't even able to stand up for his actions!

And you know what it does to me? Do you know what he's lack of courage makes me feel like?

For me, he's nothing but disgusting!

At the end of the day... you know what? I can't believe this was the guy I gave my heart to!
Glad I woke up soon enough!

Today's motto: "Better alone than in bad company"

Today's song:

For such a special day I choose two songs. To give power to all us girls out there ;)

Today's pic:

I also have two pictures today. I think both make sense :)

P.S. Remeber: If he doesn't fight for you, he doesn't deserve you ;)

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

Ella <3


  1. All the boys are crazy.
    I've stopped trying to understand them.
    My best friend always says: "all the beautiful boys have girlfriend or are gay!" I think that she's right.

    (my bad english xD)

    1. Haha you're friend is 100% right! And you are too!
      And I'll add "or live very far away from you" ;)

      Thank you so much for checking my blog Zoey! I hope you like it ;)