Monday, November 10, 2014

Writer's Block

Sometimes... You get blocked.

I'm not sure if i can call this writer's block, because I don't consider myself a writer in anyway... But the truth is, I am blocked.

I can't figure out what to write about or how to write it.

There's a poetry contest going on right now where I live, and I usually always send some stuff there (I never won or anything, but I still find it fun and thrilling!).
But soon the deadline will be here and I haven't come up with one single poem.

A couple of years ago I would write almost every single day! Mostly poetry, even though I always wrote some random text and short stories (or long stories that I never finished) once in a while.

But since then, I've been completely blocked.

And not just in writing.

It kind of feels like my entire life is blocked.

I can't find a part-time job, I can't find a place to volunteer that fits me, I can't start my dancing classes and my driving license classes cause it somehow feels like I always have something else to do, even though I feel like I do nothing.

I can't decide which course, school or even which country I want to have my college years in.

I'm lost and blocked.

And I have no idea how to find myself and break free.

Today's motto: "Writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all"

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3

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